Renu Desai’s Analysis of US Presidential Elections

Former actress and power star Pawan Kalyan’s ex-wife Renu Desai is neither acting in nor making any film but she always makes sure to hit headlines with her analysis of the important issues and matters prevalent in the society.

Renu Desai Analysis on USA President
Renu Desai Analysis on USA President

Renu chose to opine about the ongoing US Presidential elections. She wrote that almost all the developed nations have had a woman president or prime minister at least once, but she expressed her fascination when she learnt that the super power USA is yet to have its first woman president.

“USA,being the “first country” of d world,has surprisingly,no female president till date!Just talk abt equality in job opportunities!Archaic?Almost, all the developed countries of the world have had female Presidents or Prime ministers, hence the fact USA doesn’t, surprises me!,” tweeted Renu.

Her tweets came in the wake of Hillary Clinton getting qualified to contest in the US presidential race.

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