Renu Desai reveals interesting facts about her personal life

In a recent media interaction, Renu Desai clarified she hasn’t accepted alimony from her ex-hubby Pawan Kalyan at the time of divorce.

Renu Desai in Neethone Dance
Renu Desai in Neethone Dance

‘I received Rs 1 lakh remuneration for an Ad when I wasn’t even 16. That’s a huge amount in 1995. Every single penny I saved has been used for real estate. I bought my own flat at the age of 19. That was a greatest achievement for Me. I have seen good appreciation whenever I invested in Real Estate. I’m a real estate investor! I even invest in mutual funds with low-risk. People assume I took huge alimony at the time of divorce & produced films with that money, but it’s not true at all. I never spoke about it until now. But, I choose to clarify as My Kids shouldn’t have that feeling. Even Pawan and My Friends take financial advices from Me. They made good profits as well,’ she told.

She further said that My ultimate goal is Direction. When I saw the camera at the age of 15-and-a-half Years, I decided to be a Filmmaker.”

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