Renu Desai Reacts to Nirbhaya Juvenile Controversy

Pawan Kalyan’s ex-wife Renu Desai, who is well known for rising her voice against the issues in society through social media, has shot back at authorizes aka Delhi High Court for saying that they can’t punish a juvenile, who was involved in the rape of ‘Nirbhaya’.

Renu Desai on Nirbhaya
Renu Desai on Nirbhaya

Renu expressed the helplessness of normal people in getting justice for the gruesome rape of Nirbhaya as the accused is a juvenile.

‘As Indians we only burn d paper Ravan every year on Duserra but why r we,as society,incapable of punishing d real Ravans who rape? #nirbhaya

You work hard&honest,payur taxes on time so that d ppl who commit crimes wil live comfortably on ur money dat u pay as taxes!Irony of life!

And in d end we can only outrage or voice our frustration on social media!As citizens we will only feel helpless&caught up in our real lives,’ tweeted Renu.

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