Renu Desai compared Akira with Pawan Kalyan

Akira Nandan with Pawan Kalyan

Actress and model, Renu Desai, who is known in Tollywood as one of the best actresses, recently turned into a film maker in her home ground. She is introducing her son Akira Nandan into the film industry. Recently, she mentioned that Akira Nandan is just like Pawan Kalyan.

Speaking about the habits, Akira is stated to be just like his dad. Renu stated that Akira prefers spicy food and his tastes too were stated to be on par with Pawan Kalyan. On the other hand, Renu mentioned about Aadya saying that this girl is like her.

It seems that Aadya likes home food and even her tastes matches with Renu Desai. Akira’s debut is making sensation in Andhra Pradesh and Telengana apart from the North India. All the Pawan Kalyan fans are now aspiring to see Akira on the big screen.

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