Renu Desai comments on her life with Pawan Kalyan

Renu Desai Comments on Her Life

Renu Desai and Pawan Kalyan shares good bonding on screen. Off screen, they are considered to be one of the best couples. Fans of Power Star felt a bit unhappy when they came to know about the distance between Pawan and Renu. But now, Renu took the opportunity to speak about her present relationship status with Pawan.

Renu Desai mentioned that her relation with Pawan didn’t change. She stated that her attitude towards love too didn’t change. On the occasion of “Ishqwala Love” promotion, Renu strongly finalized that Pawan Kalyan is always there for her and she has the right to use his name.

It seems that this upcoming venture will have a concept explaining relationship and marriage. As this is nearer to Renu Desai’s life, people were assuming this as her personal story. She cleared this aspect saying that it is not her personal life story.

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