Remuneration of Anasuya for her silver screen debut

Anchor Anasuya Remuneration

Anasuya is now the hottest anchor in small screen space. She is set to put silver screen on fire with her upcoming debut venture. Anasuya might be the first heroine in the present generation to enter silver screen after marriage.

“How much remuneration did Anasuya get for the debut flick?” turned out to be the interesting point. It is a fact that Avika Gor got 50 lakhs remuneration for the latest flick as her presence in the flick raised the satellite rights of that venture to 2.5 Crores mark.

Anasuya too has the same popularity on small screen and hence we can expect atleast 30 lakhs remuneration to this beauty. Satellite rights of Anasuya’s venture too may touch 2.5 Crores and if this happens, we may expect Anasuya to get a good remuneration tag for this venture. Stay tuned for more updates.

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