Remembering the classic Tholiprema

Today, Tholiprema completes 15 years of its release.  A movie very important to Pawan Kalyan and Karunakaran, as it triggered a cult following for Pawan , whose unparalleled enigma continues to spell the magic till date and a promising debut for Karunakaran.

Tholiprema is considered one of the classic love-stories Telugu cinema has produced. It is a simple love story of Balu (Pawan Kalyan) and Anu (Kirti Reddy), whose attitudes towards life are diametrically opposite.  The boy-next-door portrayal of Pawan Kalyan, showcasing the simple joys of falling in love, and soulful music played a major role in making it a very special movie. The movie drove the youth crazy, and made a special place for itself and Pawan Kalyan in the hearts of the youngsters.

Songs by Deva were the biggest chartbusters that year. ‘Emaindo emo ee vela’ became the youth anthem.  ‘Ee manase’ and ‘Yemi Sodara’ depicted the diffident and shy one-side lovers in those days very aptly.  The Taj Mahal set in the song ‘Ganaaniki’ gave a great metaphorical significance for the abundant love Balu had. The background music was splendid too.

The movie has some remarkable performances from the supporting cast too.  The equation Balu shares with each of his family members were sweet and could connect so well with the audience. Be it his Pedanaanna (Nagesh) pampering him, or the tit-for-tat scenes with his sister (Vasuki). Some moments were executed with great taste. Especially, the introduction scene of Anu is considered evergreen, for its most beautiful visuals captured in the simplistic way possible. The pre-climax dialogues between Balu and his sister are heart-wrenching.  The airport scene in the climax just steals your heart, when Anu screams ‘Balu’ and realizes the hidden love towards him. The movie ends on a wonderful note when Balu says “Prema mana lakshyaanni saadhistundi” and encourages her to pursue her goal.

Overall, Tholiprema had all the ingredients that would make you smile, laugh and cry. Chitramala celebrates 15 years of this classic love-story of Telugu Cinema.

By Rag Mayur

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