Relation between Samantha and sleeping pill!

Cute beauty Samantha Prabhu recently came as a guest to a small screen show. She revealed several interesting aspects and there came a situation where she revealed top secret in her life. This is in regard to a sleeping pill.

Samantha Sleeping Pill

It seems that this girl next door was interested to see how pub looks like and she decided to go to a pub along with her friends. As per the plan, they told some reasons to their parents but one of her friends’ grandmother was not allowing them to go. To escape from her, it seems that they gave glass of milk with a sleeping pill.

Finally, they went to the pub but she mentioned that she didn’t liked it. Samantha is really cute as she even mentioned sorry to the grandmother for doing this sort of act to her. After this small screen show, we can expect her popularity to raise further in Tollywood.

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