Relation between Aamir’s “PK” and “Satyamevajayathe”

Bollywood’s most dignified actor Aamir Khan is set to start the third season of “Satyamevajayathe”. This show is set to hit the floors soon. Aamir Khan’s “PK” posted created huge chaos among the audience. The reason for this is that the actor looks quite dignified in the show and he appeared nude in the pic.


Few people says that there is strong reason for Amir to look like that in “PK” posters. The reason is yet to hit the media. Now, buzz in raising in the media that Amir has a relation between “PK” and “Satyamevajayathe” third season. It seems that this season will focus on nudity, harassment and abusive activities.

Majority of the fans of Amir are now believing that their star hero won’t do anything without proper reason. He may explain it to his fans through this upcoming show. As per the teasers, this show will be a grand success once again as the temperature is going to be too high in the third season.

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