Regina’s Pregnancy Prank

Hot Actress Regina Cassandra claims to be a big prankster in real life.

The beauty further said that once she claimed to be pregnant just to satisfy her cravings for her favorite sweet, Mishti Doi. The person to become the target of Regina’s prank was an innocent and sentimental shopkeeper.

Regina Cassandra Pregnant
Regina Cassandra Pregnant

One fine midnight, a shopkeeper refused to give Regina the sweet she wanted so she had to lie that she was pregnant. Like any common man, the shopkeeper felt sentimental when the pregnant lady craves for the sweet. He gave her the sweet believing her words. Regina is thankful that he didn’t spread her prank or she would have to bear the brunt of the rumor-hungry media houses.

On the work front, Regina is currently acting alongside Nara Rohit in ‘Jyo Achuthananda’. Her Tamil film titled ‘Nenjam Marapathillai’ is all set to hit theaters.

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