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Rating: 2.50/5

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What it’s all about?

Rechipo is a story about an orphan played by Nitin. He is a thief but he is a good thief who steals from the rich in order to help the poor and the needy. He lands himself in a big problem after stealing 500 crore from a minister and how he extricates himself from it is the story.



The Plot:

Siva (Nitin) is an orphan. He suffers a lot in his childhood and hence decides to help orphans. So he steals money from the rich and distributes to orphans and other needy people. Siva steals 500crore hidden in the sump of home minister Ahuthi Prasad. The money has been knocked away by the minister from the accomplice of a dreaded Dubai based gangster Sukoor. The money has been collected by Sukoor as part of cricket betting.


Bhanuchander is a sincere police officer and he does not like the corrupt home minister and he helps Siva in his deeds as he is doing some good to society. Siva falls for the sexy Krishna@Krishnaveni (Ileana). She is the daughter of the home minister. While Siva is after her she plays hard to get. Just when Krishnaveni is about to tell Siva that she loves him, she learns that he is a thief.


Krishnaveni leaves Siva and goes off to Dubai. Sukoor kidnaps her and asks the home minister to return the 500 crore and also release some terrorists. The home minister now sends Siva to bring his daughter Krishnaveni back home safely.


Siva now has tow tasks in hand, one is to bring Krishnaveni back safely and the second and the more important task is to win back her love and trust. How Siva goes about his job forms the basis for the remaining part of the story.



The Actors:

Nitin is okay as Siva. He however still flounders while delivering key dialogues. He is good in the dance and action sequences. Ileana is a disappointment. She does not look her best and she is very dull in many scenes. Her make up too is very inconsistent. She has tried to come up with a lively performance but does not succeed fully.


Tanikella Bharani, Ramaprabha and Ahuthi Prasad are okay. Bhanduchandar appears in a decent role as a cop. There are nearly half a dozen comedians in the film, from Sunil to Venu Madhav, MS Narayana, Raghu Babu, Suman Shetty but none of the comedy is funny.



The Bottom Line:

Rechipo despite some spirited acting by Nitin fails to make a mark. The fault lies in the poor story and screenplay. The music is also dull and the only saving grace are the rich production values and the cinematography.The desert scenes have been shot well.


The film is good in the first 15 minutes when Nitin enacts his Robinhood/Mallanna style character. The director then loses the plot in senseless marriage scene and the film never recovers after that. It is a slow and painful two hours and forty five minutes journey towards the predictable climax. Not recommended.


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