Rebel Star Joins Super Star for Lunch

Krishnam Raju Lunch with Krishna

Rebel Star Krishna Raju family joins Super Star Kirhsna for lunch at Naresh house recently. Both Rebel Star and Super Star remembers the old days and spend some quality time together. This news has been shared by the actor Naresh.

Rebel Star with Super Star

“Rebel star joins superstar fr lunch at our home wid family. Remebers gud old days & times. They were best of friends”, Naresh posted

Rebelstar Krishnam Raju and Superstar Krishna Lunch time

Have a look at Krishna Raju family with Vijaya Nirmala family together for lunch. Naresh, Vijaya Nirmala, Krishna, and Krishnam Raju were shared some good moments together. Check here for the pictures.

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