Rebel Movie Review

Rating: 1.50/5

Critic Rating: (1.50/5)

It is

For anyone crazy about navels and 6 footers…that’s us, at least what we’ve been repeatedly told we are.


Just when are cutting our films short, just when our mainstream is slowly warming up to the idea of 130 minute movies, Lawrence brings back the grueling 3 hour masala epic.

The local DGP is murdered by a group of synchronized bikers for working on a case that might expose the identity of the criminal mastermind Stephen Robert. Stephen Robert is so secretive that even his own men have never seen him.

Rishi (Prabhas) lands in Hyderabad to find and kill Stephen Robert. Rishi goes through most of the film worrying whether Stephen Robert is one guy or a duo.

The Stephen Robert case study

It is obviously two guys, otherwise we have a protagonist that doesn’t know that its two first names (Stephen, Robert) and even if it is one guy, why would you want to hunt down a guy stupid enough to call himself Stephen Robert (even if he
killed your folks and your girlfriend in the popular temple scene from a flashback)

The only available way to get to Stephen Robert is through the daughter of his/their right hand man – Nandini (played by Tamannah’s navel).

The world of Lawrence

To enjoy his films is to dumb yourself down to the level of going “Aweeeeee” every time the hero walks in slow motion in dimensions hard to understand because of the many cuts that ignore continuity and neatness.

If you can empathize with the inevitable orphanage scene, if you look at the random Caucasian and Black people and believe that it looks sleek, if you can actually find humor in the extended gags using washed out improvs…the world of Lawrence might just impress you.


The magnum opus masala films (depending on the promotion budget) often direct its actors so as to incorporate all the traits the image had success with. And hence Prabhas was playing the Prabhas of many films which more or less were all the same.


The theater lost power sometime in the second half and when I realized that there was still an hour of the film left, I felt alone and miserable.

Reviewed by Rohit
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