Reasons For Sudeep Filing Divorce

Kannada hero Kiccha Sudeep, who is also well known to Tollywood with his movies Eega and Baahubali, has given divorce to his wife Priya Radha Krishnan on Friday. Sudeep and Priya have divorced under mutual understanding with the legal proceedings being completed at Mysore family court.

Sudeep Divorce
Sudeep Divorce

The two, who have a daughter Saanvi (11) will be under the supervision of her mother, as Sudeep too agreed for the condition. An alimony of Rs 19 cr was given to his wife, to which Sudeep said “Money was paid for wellness of my wife and daughter”. By divorcing, Sudeep and Priya have ended their 14 years relation.

Sudeep didn’t make it any personal or hid the news from public as he gave enough interviews about his divorce to news channels and also posted the same on his Twitter.

The two have been living separately for more than four years, but have continued to meet each other. Sudeep who says that what was done was done for his wife and more importantly for his daughter. He also added that “Divorce doesn’t affect the relation between me and my daughter. She is my only daughter and I love her very much, she’s special to me. I am always there for her.” Sudeep has also clarified that he is not into any relation with someone other.

Sudeep was last seen in Baahubali as Aslam Khan.

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