Reason Behind Sreenu Vaitla’s Troubles!

Rupa Vaitla Files Case Over Srinu Vaitla
Rupa Vaitla Files Case Over Srinu Vaitla

From past few days, we are hearing much news about director Sreenu Vaitla and his wife, Roopa Vaitla. She also filed a case against the director for harassing her. Now the latest we hear is that Sreenu Vaitla found the reason for his troubles, and that is his house, which puts him in trouble.

Sreenu Vaitla has created a brand for himself with his comedy entertainers. Until ‘Baadsha’ happened, he has seen successive hits or at least average movies.

However, his luck turned bad with Mahesh Babu’s disaster ‘Aagadu’ and it extended further with Ram Charan’s ‘Bruce Lee’. Not only this, he had issues with his wife Roopa and the issue went to the extent of Police cases.

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Sreenu Vaitla has realized now that the new house he has bought is the major reason for this bad luck. Since he entered that house, his luck has run out, and he landed in professional and personal crisis.

Reportedly, Vaitla has put that house for sale now. Hope he strikes back with his new film.

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