Reason behind Renu’s short hair

Actress Renu Desai, who is known for her long hair all through her career, has cut short her not for a bob trend but for a cause.

Renu Desai said that “I wanted to donate my hair for the cancer victims. Wigs made of real hair are expensive, for instance, a wig made the hair I donated would easily cost somewhere around Rs 70,000” having donated her hair to the cancer victims.

Renu Desai cuts shorts her hair for cancer patients
Renu Desai cuts shorts her hair for cancer patients

When people asked her why did she cut her hair, she replied as “What is the big deal about it? There are people who go bald and call it a fashion statement. I feel out of place, awkward and weird after chopping my hair as it feels like someone is missing. But I am happy that I did it.”

When asked about the hair donation concept, Renu Desai said that “Not many in our country know about. We are familiar with blood donation or organ donation. I read about it a year ago but wasn’t ready to chop off my hair. When a close one to me go affected with cancer and treated with chemotherapy, started losing hair. That made me move.”

And lastly she added that her hair donation was for a reason and getting attention.

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