Reason Behind Pawan and Ram Charn absent for Mukunda audio launch

Pawan Kalyan and Ram Charan Absent for Mukunda Audio Launch

Popular Babai and Abbai of Tollywood film industry, Pawan Kalyan and Ram Charan have missed yesterday’s “Mukunda” audio launch. While all the Mega fans asked about Pawan Kalyan, they chanted the name of Ram Charan too for a while. But for the Power Star, the chanting is for few minutes.

Again, it is Chiru who turned up to answer the crowd. He mentioned that Ram Charan was in hospital with his mother Surekha while Pawan Kalyan was in Varansi for “Gopala Gopala” shooting. On the other hand, Varun mentioned that he got messages from those stars.

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It is a noted fact that when Chiru takes the mike, people will chant Pawan Kalyan’s name. This turned out to be a regular one in almost all the recent functions of the Mega Family. This time too, the same situation came on to the screen.

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