Reason behind hero’s complaint on Kajal Agarwal


Beauty queen Kajal Agarwal is now facing tough time in Kollywood. This beauty needs to pay 40 lakhs around to the Kollywood hero Udayanidhi Stallin. This hero initially took Kajal Agarwal for a project, but due to few internal issues, she was replaced by Nayantara.

Stallin reportedly gave 40 lakhs as advance to Kajal during this project but as she left the deal, she has to return back the money. It seems that Kajal didn’t return back the money and hence Stallin filed a complaint in producers’ council and this turned out to be the hot topic.


There is a buzz in the media that Kajal Agarwal too tried to do deal with Stallin for his upcoming venture instead of giving back the money. But, this didn’t work out and hence Kajal faced tough time in the form or complaint. Kajal is now expected to pay 40 lakhs to Stallin.

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