Reality show of transgenders getting ready

For the first time on Indian television, a reality show of transgenders is to be produced, aiming to promote the artistic talents in them and also to bring the marginalised section into mainstream society.

An advertising company based in Kannur is behind this new concept of reality show titled Chaanthupottu of dance and musical programmes, featuring about 40 transgenders selected from different parts of Kerala.

Incidentally, Chaanthupottu is the name of a Malayalam film based on the story of a transsexaul personality in a coastal village, acted by well-known young star Dileep.

The main objective of the show is to bring into the mainstream these people who usually hide themselves from society due to various reasons, show Director Moithu Thazham told PTI.

‘The idea for the show came when I saw a few people attack four young transsexuals on the roads of Vadakara five years ago,’ he said.

They were beaten up on charges of immoral activities, but "When I talked to them, I came to know that they are afraid to come out in daytime and are ignored by society’, he said.

The ill-treatment meted out to them by society prompted him to go for the show, he said.

Various organisations working among transgenders identified talented persons in the community and an audition programme was carried out for more than 200 transsexual persons,he said.

The plan was to have 50 episodes of different entertainment items with separate teams of four to five persons, he said.

The shooting for the programme would start after the Ramzan festival, he said. (PTI)


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