Real reason for Ileana to sell Hyderabad house revealed

Ileana D’Cruz kept her house in Hyderabad for sale. No one understood the real intention behind Ileana’s move. In fact, Tollywood producers are ready to shell out huge remuneration for this beauty and still she is going towards Bollywood where she is getting less remuneration in the initial days apart from heavy skin show.


But, now, the real reason for Ileana to sell her Hyderabad house got revealed. Ileana has took an intelligent move in this aspect. The reason for her decision is that the beauty got the attention of Yash Raj Films. This production house is known for high end relationship with the actresses. They won’t stop with just one flick but they do deals for at least 3 ventures.

Among those 3, one venture will surely be a blockbuster. This will change the career of the actress. This is what majority of the top heroines in Bollywood came through. Now, it is a golden chance to Ileana and hence she decided that there is no work for her in South India. This made her to put her house for sale.

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