Real Reason behind Nityananda’s phone call to Nayanatara

Kollywood actress Nayantara got a phone call from Nityananda’s Ashram. This turned out to be a hot topic in entire South India. The real reason behind this phone call came out to the media and it even shocked the audience.

Nayanatara got a call from Nithyananda

As per the details, Nityananda’s followers called Nayantara soon after her break up. It seems that the followers asked Nayantara to come to the Ashram and seek the advice of Nityananda. Source mentioned that they asked Nayantara to have mental peace in the Ashram.

Anyways, Nayantara disagreed to the request and the rest is known to the people. As per the information, people from the Ashram call big shot celebrities who are losing mental peace. “Who other celebrities got calls from this Ashram?” turned interesting.

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