Real reason behind Chakri’s death got revealed

Chakri Death

Chakri’s death turned out to be a huge suspense in the film industry. Sravani and Chakri’s family came up with a statement that they will settle the matter among themselves without outsiders. They asked media not to spread that word anymore and they even decided not to put any cases on one another.

On the other hand, few other reasons are being heard regarding Chakri’s death. They say that Chakri’s death is due to the depression he underwent in the last days. Chakri was once a top music director and he was always on the top priority for Tollywood film makers.

But, this is not the case in the recent times. He was not being considered for high range flicks in the recent times and even his network didn’t help him in getting high budget ventures. This depression is stated to be the reason for Chakri’s death.

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