Real reason for Allu Arjun’s short film

Stylish Star Allu Arjun fell on short films keeping his full length silver screen projects aside for a while. This star is quite busy with silver screen flicks and in this situation, “Why this actor went for short films?” turned out to be an interesting aspect.


If Akkineni Akhil goes for short films, we can understand that this actor is trying to improve himself before he gets on to the screen. Allu Arjun is already an established star and in this scenario, this move of this stylish star is creating doubts among audience. Looks like, Allu Arjun is trying something with this aspect.

Few analysts stated that Allu Arjun is seeing lots of potential in the upcoming days in short films. Hence, he might be interested in building his own empire in that arena. He may start his production house which will concentrate on short films. This might be a trail version of the upcoming venture!

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