Real information behind Samantha’s 2 piece bikini

Samantha’s 2 piece bikini turned out to be a hot topic in the present arena in South India. For the flick “Sikandar”, Samantha is stated to have increased her glamour quotient. As a part of this aspect, Samantha is stated to have donned 2 piece bikini on screen.


It is known that this beauty increased the glamour quotient in the recent times. In spite of being on the top position in Tollywood, Samantha raised her glamour quotient to sit in the highest position. If she appears with 2 piece bikini in “Sikandar”, audience will accept her as the most glamorous heroine in South India.

There are 2 aspects in this issue. One is that the actress Samantha might not have went for 2 piece bikini considering her present craze. This aspect might be a rumor. One the other hand, Samantha might have went for 2 piece bikini as she is expecting herself to be the queen of Kollywood. To come out of her flop career in Kollywood, she needs to go for this act. The real information among these 2 aspects is yet to hit the media. Stay tuned to have more clarity on this aspect.

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