Real fact behind Shruthi–Tamanna lip lock

Kollywood beauties Shruthi Hassan and Tamanna Bhatia turned out to be good friends in the regional film industry. Tamanna shares special bonding with almost all the heroines in South India. She has several friends in her competitors. At present, Shruthi Hassan – Tamanna Bhatia lip lock episode turned out to be a highlight topic.


“How far is it real?” turned out to be the question. Well, coming to the point, Shruthi Hassan as well as Tamanna are not too much into kissing on screen. Hence, 75% of the audience won’t agree that these girls had a kissing session in the public. Secondly, there is a thin line difference between peck and a lip lock. Both looks the same from certain distance.

Hence, there is high chance of misleading in this case. As both Shruthi Hassan and Tamanna have almost zero kissing acts on screen with heroes and as there is high chance of misleading in this aspect, we can come to a conclusion that this aspect is more like a rumor. Few people opinioned that these ladies might have went for a peck and people seeing them from certain distance thought it like a lip lock. Lets see how these ladies react on this aspect.

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