Ready Hindi Movie Review

Rating: 2.00/5

Critic Rating: (2.00/5)

Ready should have just been called: Salman Khan. The film is essentially a one-man show by an actor, who doesn’t act.

Instead, he plays himself with aplomb – a charming rockstar who can, without much sweat, win the girl, beat-up the bad guy, reconcile warring relations and of course, bare his chiseled chest.

This time, he even asks us, the viewers, mazaa aya?

How much you enjoy Ready is directly proportionate to your affection for Salman and cheerfully cheesy, low-brow humour.

Thankfully, Ready isn’t in the same soul-sucking category as director Anees Bazmee’s last two movies: Thank You and No Problem. But it still falls very much into his special brand of brain-dead, anything-for-a-laugh comedy.

So, the climax includes little boys standing in a line and peeing on the baddies; the dialogue includes lines like: "in that case, aa jao mere paas meri suitcase" and my favorite: "aaj pehli baar kisi aurat ne samajdari ki baat ki" and if you prefer your films to have a coherent plot, then you best sit this one out.

The story, what there is of it, involves Prem, played by Salman Khan, falling in love with an imposter Sanjana, played by Asin, and then attempting to get her two angry, criminal uncles to like each other again. Prem keeps saying: "I love these mafia peoples."

The film is a remake of a Telugu blockbuster and it comes with loud but infectious songs with titles such as Dhinka Chika and Character Dheela. Obviously class, wit, craft, continuity have little significance here.

Ready made me laugh sporadically but beyond a point I could almost feel my brain cells shrinking and exhaustion setting in, one joke at a time.(NDTV)

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