Raviteja’s mother opens up about drugs issue and Bharat

For the first time in her life, Ravi Teja’s mother Rajyalakshmi spoke to the media and opened up on all issues including her younger son Bharath’s recent death.

Raviteja's mother opens up about drugs issue and Bharat
Raviteja’s mother opens up about drugs issue and Bharat

I am deeply hurt by the reports and speculations about my son Ravi Teja in the drugs case, said Rajyalakshmi, mother of Mass Maharaja. “Ravi Teja doesn’t even smoke a cigarette, and you (media) are dragging into to this drugs issue. I request media not to link him with Bharath. Ravi Teja is a gentleman with no vices,” she said with tearful eyes.

“Ravi Teja is engulfed with sorrow after his brother’s death, but he is continuing shooting for the sake of the producers,” she said. She also gave clarity that Ravi Teja didn’t attend the funeral of Bharath as per the traditions of their family, not for other reasons.

“Bharath was not under influence of drugs as media is reporting. He had started turning into a good man, stopped taking alcohol also as he was selected for Bigg Boss. But accident took him away from us,” she explained further.

Ravi Teja, who is currently shooting for Dil Raju’s ‘Raja The Great’ as well as another movie ‘Touch Chesi Choodu’, is one of the 12 film personalities who received notices from Excise Department of Telangana in the case related to drugs. He had to give answers to their questioning next week.

Ravi Teja is yet to make any statement openly, but his mother came to the media. The star has been going through both personal and professional crisis.

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