Raviteja’s father arrested!

Mass Maharaja Raviteja facing the problems from his family members. We all know that recently Raviteja’s borthers Raghu Babu and Bharat, caught were caught red handedly by the Task Force in Hyderabad for allegedly buying banned drugs. The duo also blamed the media persons by calling’ idiots’ and ‘dirty fellows’.

Now the latest news is that Raviteja’s father Bhoopathi Raju was arrested on Yesterday (May 9th, 2011) at the Golden Club in Ranigunj on gambling charges for playing a game of cards.

According to the Mahankali assistant commissioner of police, Mr G.P. Vasusena, around 46 people were caught red-handed while playing cards in violation of AP Gaming Act.

Bhoopathi Raju is 70 years old and he was among those playing the cards illegally in the club.

Police seized around Rs 38,350 from the accused. Raids were conducted on the club around at 6 pm on Monday.

As per the reports the arrested persons would be presented before a court on Today.

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