Ravi Teja’s Remuneration Offer to Producers

Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja, who isn’t happy with his recent release Kick-2, is all disappointed. He is struggling for hits and not glowing in the limelight, is hoping that Bengal Tiger would be a blockbuster.

Ravi Teja Remuneration Offer
Ravi Teja Remuneration Offer

Ravi Teja, to whom producers are approaching to do a film, is stiff on his remuneration. Despite Kick-2 being a flop at the box office, he is in no mood budge on his remuneration demands which has become a headache for his producers.

Ravi Teja, who is convinced by his producers and well-wishers, had finally planned a process by which he as well as the producers are on the safe side.

In fact, Ravi Teja was in a thought of executing his plan while making of Kick-2. But, since Kalyan Ram was the producer, Ravi maintained silence.

According to Ravi Teja, while shooting is still in progress the producers shall pay him half of his remuneration. While rest after the initial release of the film. Here’s a condition to it, producer doesn’t need to pay him the rest of his remuneration after the immediate release. But shall pay him after the film becoming a hit that too full remuneration with 20 percent of profits.

If the film doesn’t turn out to be a hit, then as agreed earlier his actual remuneration shall be paid after the film’s release. Ravi Teja added another condition to this that the film that he signed should be completed within Six months or else he’ll charge extra.

Well, that is a nice strategy from Ravi Teja. Hope he applies the same while choosing his film.

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