Ravi Teja’s Foreign Trip for Treatment?

Film Nagar is abuzz that mass maharaja Ravi Teja is planning to go Foreign for a special treatment to enhance his looks.

Generally, actors take long gaps when they score flops, but Ravi Teja has not applied makeup on his face even after scoring three hits in his last four attempts. His last film ‘Bengal Tiger’ was released in 2015 end and the actor is yet to take his next film on floors.

Ravi Teja Treatment
Ravi Teja Treatment

Ravi Teja was supposed to act in a Dil Raju production, but the project was called off. He is currently in the news to have given a green signal for two movies, each with writer Vikram Siri and Bobby, who earlier directed him in ‘Power.’

The actor is in his late 40s, and he is reportedly getting negative feedback for his looks. As a result, Ravi Teja is heard to have decided to undergo rejuvenation therapy in Foreign to get back the charm in his face.

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