Ravi Teja Turns Financier

Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja, who used to release 3-4 movies ever year has been acting cautiously from the past few years.

One reason for less number of films from Ravi Teja is the hefty remuneration the actor quotes. No filmmaker is reportedly showing interest to work with him by paying Rs 8-9 cr just as his pay. Ravi Teja seems to have now devised a new strategy that would benefit both his producers and him.

Raviteja Turns Financier
Raviteja Turns Financier

Ravi Teja is offering finance to the producers of his films. Makers are also finding this profitable as instead of fetching money from financiers for high-interest rates, and they can borrow from their hero itself for low interest. Two producers have already agreed to this method and have come on board to produce films with him.

His next film will be directed by Bobby, who earlier directed him in ‘Power’.

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