Ravi Teja’s ‘Balupu’ behaviour!

Apparently, Mass Maha Raja Ravi Teja can be arrogant outside too. The Hero who made a comeback with sensational blockbuster Balupu, recently upset his fans and film friends alike with his uncanny disappearance. The man who belted the famous dialogue – “Basic ga Naa Voice ki bass ekkuva..chetiki duradekkuva..total ga ee body ki balupekkuva” in the film, suddenly flew off to Bangkok without any prior intimation to anybody.

Given that the film is basking in the success and this is the time for the film unit to interact more with fans and viewers, Ravi Teja’s act of going away is not only mysterious but has pissed off many. The man is rumored to be on a vacation but then, there is timing to everything. Isn’t it?

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