Ravi Teja’s Affair With Costume Designer

When it comes to the matters of women, even some of the most self disciplined tend to have their weak moments or fall for charms and such factors run high on the film circuit where glamour and beauty run hand in hand with the film stars. Hot news is currently making rounds in the camp now.

It is being said that the crazy star Ravi Teja who is known to be away from parties and is quite a disciplined chap seems to have been smitten by the charms of a woman and she is none other than his personal costume designer Swetha Raju. Sources say that Ravi even took Sweta Raju to Malaysia during the shooting of his recent film.

Currently, Swetha is working for Ravi’s costumes in his ventures so this chemistry is likely to happen. However, sources close to both Ravi and Swetha have quashed this as rumors and say that they are good friends but then there is nothing more to it. Only time will tell the truth then.

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