Ravi Babu Spotted With Piglet at ATM?

At a time when the public is standing in lengthy queues outside banks and ATMs to exchange and withdraw currency, a piglet has also joined people to stand in one such queue. Well, the piglet was not on its own but with director Ravi Babu.

Ravi Babu with Piglet at ATM
Ravi Babu with Piglet at ATM

This creative director is known for making low budget films and generating curiosity over his projects with some attraction grabbing publicity. His next directorial titled ‘Adhugo’ is all about a piglet, which was brought in by from Australia. The director has earlier made an appearance on Open Heart with RK Program accompanied by this very same piglet, the lead of his new film.

Now, the director chose to stand in a queue outside an ATM to generate another publicity stunt. A celeb like Ravi Babu standing among public in a queue itself is a big thing, imagine the hoopla when he does so by holding his piglet.

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