Ratham Movie Review

Rating: 2.5/5

Critic Rating: (2.5/5)

Movie Name Ratham
Movie Rating 2.5/5
Movie Cast  Geetanand, Chandni Bhagwanani
Director Chandrasekhar Kanuri
Music Director Sukumar Pammi
Production Company Raja Darapuneni
Release Date October 26, 2018

Whenever something is successful, everyone goes behind that formula. They make use of that formula for as many as films until audience get vexed of that. Arjun Reddy is a film which changed the way of storytelling and the approach of filmmakers towards their stories. The success of that film gave filmmakers and producers a confidence to make films which are bold to be told on screen and now they are making them easily. This trend has also become a way for easy money in the name of youthful and bold moments. Latest addition of those films with bold moments is Ratham which got a lot of attention in YouTube through its bold trailer. Geethanand and Chandni Bhagwanani are the lead actors which is directed by Chandrasekhar Kanuri and is produced by Raja Darapuneni.


Ratham Telugu Review
Ratham Telugu Review

Karthik (Gethanand) stays with his family in a little village. Bujji (Chandni Bhagwanani) also stays in that village with her mother. She is being followed by a lot of guys in her village everyday and in order to avoid them she proposes Karthik in front of them. Karthik falls for her and he then start following her and finally they both fall for each other after sometime. At the same time, Karthik goes against call money gang which is harassing the people of that village and rescue the children from them. Call money gang takes away one of the children and kills her and order the villagers to bring Karthik to them. He kills the head of that call money. Father of Bujii releases from jail by this time. What is the relation of Bujji’s father and call money gang? What is the relation of Karthik and her father?

Cast and performance

Geethanand who played the role of lead Karthik is good in his role and performed well in the emotional sequences that come in the second half of this movie. Though he has those next door boy kind of looks, he pulled off action sequences very well. Chandni Bhagwanani is good in her role and she adds well in terms of looks to this film. Both lead actors make a good pair. Pramodini and Devaraj performed well. This movie has a lot of new faces and a few like father of the boy who is taken away stand out and rest all the characters perform well in spite of limited screen time. Though characters are limited, each and every character add a new layer to the story and its proceedings.

Writing Department

The story of Ratham is good and screenplay is written in an engaging way. The dialogues are written accordingly.

Technical departments

Songs composed by Sukumar Pammi are okay. His background score for the movie is fine. Cinematography by Sunil K Muthyala is just okay. He shot village locales in a very authentic way. Editing is fine. Stunts and action sequences composed by Devaraj looks like they are from a big budgeted action entertainer but they pulled it off very well for this movie which has low budget. Production values are good.


Call money scenes
Interval scene
Action sequences


Routine story


Ratham is a story of a place which is affected by the bad and there comes a hope for changing those people in the name of a hero. This has been the story of many big star studded movies for many years. When the story has such a saviour kind of content, audience expect a minimum dose of action and emotion which director Chandrasekhar Kanuri has layered into this story in a very subtle way. Though some scenes resemble the old hit movies, they go well with the screenplay in an entertaining way. Call money was a big problem some two or three years back in Andhra Pradesh and the makers tried to showcase it in a realistic way with this movie and they have succeeded well. To sum up, Ratham is a one time watchable entertainer this weekend.

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