Rashmi’s Warning to Sudigali Sudheer

Despite both the actors continue to deny the rumors about their alleged affairs, the rumors surrounding Rashmi and Sudigali Sudheer don’t seem to die.

Rashmi Warning To Sudheer
Rashmi Warning To Sudheer

Both got famous with Jabardasth program. While Rashmi grabbed fame with her seductive acts as host, Sudheer impressed the viewers with his comic acts. It was rumored that they became closer than friends and have been having a serious relationship.

The other day, both Rashmi and Sudheer participated in the ‘Dhee Jodi’ program. During this, Sudheer said that he wishes to dance at least once with Rashmi by the time the program concludes. He then put his hand over her shoulder and naughtily said, ‘Nee Manasulo emundo naku telusule’.

An irritated looking Rashmi soon pushed him away and asked in a serious tone not to try to get close with her. Before the issue takes serious turn, anchor Pradeep diverted the topic.

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