Rashmi’s Satire on Affair with Sudheer

Rashmi Gautam not just acts bold on screen but also talks bold off the screen.

There have been several rumors spread about her love affair with Sudheer and her tiff with Anasuya. Speaking to media, Rashmi has now made it clear that both she and Anasuya were matured girls and they have different paths, so there was no competition or differences between them.

Rashmi and Sudheer Affair
Rashmi and Sudheer Affair

Talking about an affair with Sudheer, ‘after giving many explanations, now I have stopped caring. I will never again respond to the query of my affair with him. Let media promote my affair with him as much as it can. Let them use twitter, facebook and youtube also. It’s good publicity for me and I have no issues with it.’

It is known that after teasing TV viewers with Jabardast, Rashmi looks to be on the mission to emerge as the ultimate seductress on the silver screen. The choice of her films says it all.

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