Rashmi’s Jhalak to Rajamouli

Rashmi Gautam, the beautiful anchor who continues to attract viewers of Jabardast program with her sensual sex appeal, has said that she would never leave the show even if Rajamouli offers her a film offer.

When she was asked if she would leave Jabardast as offers are being poured on her doorstep, Rashmi replied that whatever she was today, it was because of Jabardast so she would never leave the show. ‘Of course I have other shows and a few movies in hand but I am not leaving Jabardast for them. Even if Rajamouli comes and offers me a movie, I will not accept it if I have to sacrifice Jabardast to grab it,’ Rashmi uttered.

Rajamouli offering a movie to Rashmi is a day dream but the sexy siren mentioning to reject even his movie, is an exaggeration opines many.

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