Rashmi’s ‘Charuseela’ Lands in Controversy

Even though Rashmi Gautam has entertained and has been a success story on small screen, her luck seems to be going only the worst possible way as far as the silver screen is concerned.

Rashmi Gautam in Charuseela
Rashmi Gautam in Charuseela

Although Rashmi impressed with her performance in ‘Guntur Talkies’ she was criticized for exposing too much. Later, she tried horror genre and released a film titled ‘Antham’. Despite her sensual show in this movie, it failed to bring profits to makers. Now, she is trying a thriller titled ‘Charuseela’.

Rajeev Kanakala and Rashmi are playing lead roles in ‘Charuseela’. Well, this film has landed in a controversy even before its release. A noted filmmaker has organized a press meet and accused makers of Charuseela of plagiarism. He claimed to have bought the rights of Tamil film ‘Julie Ganapathi’, the story of which has been copied and made as Charuseela. He provided the stills of both the films to prove his point.

It seems there is no respite for Rashmi.

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