Rashmi Gautham Gets Support From Fans

Recently, we have reported you that one of the fans suggested Rashmi marry Sudheer. This has irked Rashmi a lot at the personal level. She immediately fired on the fan saying that her personal life cannot be dictated by anyone. The actress is still getting a lot of messages over the issue and she finally came across one which is completely in favour of her.

Rashmi Gautam Latest Photos
Rashmi Gautam Latest Photos

A fan politely tweeted, “Wel, about ur decisions is good,& brother’s & sister oka Mata chepandi okavela Miru andaru chepinatu cheskunte feature lo godava ayi vidi pote apudu Miru velli vala dagariki kaluputara,aree tanu oka lady tana kantu oka alochana untundi,just let her own way..” to which Rashmi was happy.

She immediately acknowledged the same and said, “Thankyou for understanding”

Rashmi is currently busy with hosting TV shows.

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