Rashmi Gautam Reacts Hard On Marrying Sudheer

Rashmi Gautham is the popular TV host in the Telugu film industry. She is always in the news for her bold comments and impressive pictures on the social media.

Rashmi Gautham and Sudheer Wedding
Rashmi Gautham and Sudheer Wedding

Recently, one of her fans advised her to marry her colleague Sudheer. The actress cum TV Host reacted hard.

A fan asked, “Marry Sudheer.. you both are made for each other and you both people worked hard for your career.”

“And how do u know that we are made for each other just because u see us inact something on the screen. high time u guys learn to separate REEL LIFE FROM REAL LIFE. What we do on screen is to entertain our audience tats all. Who we marry is our call. And no suggestions needed. And that was my minimum response. Tat don’t tell me

what to do about my personal life. I guess I’m entitled to my life by all means.” tweeted Rashmi

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