Rashmi Gautam Opens Up On Casting Couch

The Casting Couch discussion is shaking up the film industry for quite a long time. There is always one or the other who is raising the voice against the ill-aspect of the film industry. It is now the time of Rashmi Gautham, the Jabardasth host to open up on Casting Couch and give her opinion on the same.

Rashmi Gautham about Casting Couch
Rashmi Gautham about Casting Couch

As many expressed their opinions in different forms, Rashmi has took to Twitter and said, “Sexual exploitation of women happens everywhere address the bigger issue and stop targeting the film industry in the name of #castingcouch let’s do our bit to put an end to this rather than making it a topic for cheap thrills.” said Rashmi Gautham.

The MAA association formed a special committee called CASH to address the issues of women.

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