Rare Recognition For Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra is not only a good actress but also an active philanthropist. She has received many awards and appreciations for the same in the past. Now, she has received a Mother Teresa memorial for the social service she is doing. UNICEF has already recognized her with Good Will Ambassador. Priyanka is also into a lot of other social welfare activities.

Priyanka Chopra Mother Teresa Award
Priyanka Chopra Mother Teresa Award

As Priyanka is busy with her shootings, her mother Madhu Chopra received this award. Madhu was very happy as a mother for the success and achievements of Priyanka. “Priyanka likes Mother Teresa from her childhood. She used to give donations to an old-age home near our home. I am happy and proud that she received this award.” said Priyanka.

She is currently doing “A kid like Jack”.

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