Rare of the rarest records on ANR’s name!

Akkineni Family got a brand name for film postponements. Actually, this image was tagged to this family with the flick “Damarukam”. “Autonagar Surya” too went in the same line. Interesting feature is that this tag for this family is not new. It has been there under cover for this family from 1982.


It seems that Akkineni Nageswara Rao’s 1982 film “Prathibimbalu” is set to hit the screens in few days. From the past 32 years, this venture is shelved in the film industry and now it is hitting the screens as a new flick. Jayasudha is the female lead in this venture.

Analysts are saying that this flick is a diamond for the film makers now. ANR’s craze is now on peaks and once this flick hits the screens, people will see it with deep interest. “How far that story goes into audience?” is a doubting aspect. But, Akkineni Family may try hard to push this flick more into the audience. Shelving of a flick for around 32 years is a rare of the rarest records!

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