Rapper will.i.am recreates Rahman’s Urvasi Urvasi!

It seems like yesterday to all the 90s kids, when A R Rahman came out with chart toppers in the Tamil movie Kadhalan which had everybody tapping their foot to the beat. Songs like Muqala Muqabla and Urvasi Urvasi made Prabhu Deva in to the Indian Michael Jackson of the era, and were hits across the nation in multiple languages.


After all, how much did the words really matter when the rhythm and the tempo kept you ‘popping moves’ in your room?

Now, it seems American music star, rapper will.i.am alias William Adams agrees as he too was inspired by Rahman’s cult hit Urvasi Urvasi from the 1994 movie and has been inspired to recreate it in a new vibe in his next single track named Birthday.

In fact, the song Birthday was co-written by Rahman, will.i.am, Keith Harris and Cody Wise, and Rahman of course, is only too thrilled with this new collaboration.

He posted on his Facebook page and Twitter the following:

“Excited to creatively partner with Will.i.am to recreate an early popular track of mine in a new flavour.”

Birthday, the song, is all set to hit the stands, so to speak, through the digital retailers by next week. The rapper extraordinaire, who is known for his always interesting and unique collaborations with other artists, produced this one with Dj Damien Leroy.

Kudos to you Mr. Rahman, for demonstrating how talent knows no cultural differences or physical boundaries and how good music, like fine wine, only grows more exquisite with age.

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