Rape attempt on Bollywood heroine!

Bollywood heroine Riya Khan is stated to have encountered a bizarre incident in the film sets. Buzz raised in the media that rape attempt happened on Riya Khan in Bollywood. It seems that a production boy attempted rape on this actress but she revolted back with the same force and avoided becoming a victim.

Riya Khan

This turned out to be a hot topic in the media in Bollywood region. As per their report, a production boy from Riya’s recent film kept her in talks till all the film unit members dispersed from the sets. When he made sure that no one is there, he took advantage.

Few media segments reported that Riya complained on this to the film makers and they fired the production boy on spot. In Bollywood, several media segments were now spreading this aspect. We have to wait for some more time to know the truth levels in this topic. Hope Riya responds on this aspect.

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