Ranveer Singh says NO to Arjun Reddy Remake

The latest buzz around the Hindi remake of the Arjun Reddy is that Shahid Kapoor will be playing the lead in the movie and not Ranveer Singh, as it was being speculated earlier.

Ranveer Singh Arjun Reddy Remake
Ranveer Singh Arjun Reddy Remake

A source close to the unit, “Director Sandeep Vanga was on board for the Hindi version of the film, since he owns the copyrights of all the remakes. For reasons best known to him, he wanted Ranveer Singh to play Arjun Reddy. But after Padmavati, Ranveer is voluntarily off-limits for dark characters. So Sandeep then went to Ranveer’s Padmavati co-star Shahid Kapoor for whom the role of the doped, drugged, drunken doctor Devdas would be an antithetical change after the noble royalty in Padmavati.”

Arjun Reddy is the story of a philandering, alcoholic, drug-addict who also happens to be a surgeon who falls in love with an innocent medical student. Vijay Deverakonda essayed the role of the protagonist in the original movie, and his performance was appreciated by the audience and critics alike.

Kapoor would reportedly require a lot of preparation for the role which includes losing eight to nine kilograms so that his frame looks ‘gaunt and drugged’. Kapoor would also have to learn how to snort cocaine and inject himself with uppers and stimulants.

Being no rookie to the drug-addict portrayal, Kapoor has previously essayed a similar character in his 2016 film Udta Punjab.

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