Ranveer Singh in Aditya Chopra’s “Befikre.”

At last as said by Aditya Chopra, he confirmed the lead actor for “Befikre”. Ranveer Singh is roped into Aditya’s next film.

Ranveer Singh in Befikre
Ranveer Singh in Befikre

Ranveer Singh is not in a casual mood as he is after signing a new movie. This movie that he agreed is quite a special one for him. In a video posted by Ranveer Singh, he simply said how honoured and overwhelmed he was after Aditya Chopra called him and offered him the lead role in “Befikre”

The video that was shot by Ranveer Singh was at the Yash Raj Studios. Ranveer started this video by recalling his struggling days as an actor. In his words “Five years ago I was a struggling actor. It was my dream to be in the movies. I gave the audition for the lead in Yash Raj’s next film.

After several auditions, Adi sir called me and gave me the news that I am considered for the lead for their next film. I didn’t give any expression and sincerely listened what Adi sir has said. Later I walked through the corridor, sat on my knees and started crying. Adi sir was standing behind and leaned his hands on my shoulder and said “Tu Karlega”.

Since then it has been a great journey of five years. It always my dream to act under the direction fo my mentor (Aditya Chopra). Five years down the line, I go the same office, sat on the same couch and listened what he said. He said that I am his lead in his next directorial (Befikre). After listening sincerely, I left the room and passed through the same corridor. Sat on my knees and started crying. Once again Adi sir came behind me and said “Tu Karlega”. This is a very special movie to me, guys.”

That is how Ranveer confirmed about him acting as the lead in Aditya Chopra’s next film “Befikre.”

This video was posted by Ranveer Singh.

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