Ranjitha files complaint against ‘morphed’ pics

Kollywood actress Ranjitha is again seen in news for her controversies. In the past, the actress was linked up with God man Nithyananda Swami. Now, she has filed a complaint on Sun Network for allegedly filming a compromising position of actress with the god man Nithyananda Swami last year. She claims that those pictures were morphed and is a truly a conspiracy played against her, city police commissioner JK Tripathy states.

Actress has also complained that come unknown persons have demanded money from her stopping the videos from distribution in web and media. City police commissioner JK Tripathy said that the case had been referred to the central crime branch (CCB) of the city police.

Not only the actress, last week, the Nithyananda Ashram also had filed a complaint accusing Sun Network of morphing and telecasting visuals showing Nithyananda in a compromising position with the actress Ranjitha last year. The God man was arrested last year and the issue was telecasted in various news channels about the purported video footage, which the ashram people describe as a "conspiracy" to slander Nityananda’s reputation.

Nithyananda, who is charged with some criminal and rape cases was arrested in Himachal Pradesh. This case is still pending in a court in Ramanagara near Bangalore.

During the Karunanidi’s government Ranjitha was afraid of to complaint against Sun Network, which belongs to Karunanidhi’s family. Now the Government has changed in Tamilnadu, so she came forward to complaint on Sun Network. But some sources are saying that Jayalalitha is behind the Ranjitha’s complaint on Sun Network.

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