Ranjini Haridas abused online and files complaint!

The ever so controversial Ranjini Haridas seems to have more haters than fans these days, as the celeb had to file a second complaint with the Cyber Cell against the hundreds of abusive comments aimed at her, on her FB fan page, which is derogatory and sexual in nature and even insults her family and other loved ones.


She also feels these comments, some of them threatening in nature, are adversely affecting her reputation and her career.

A statement in her complaint goes like this:
“It has been close to a year and it’s with disappointment that I am forced to write back to you to lodge a fresh complaint as I see no efforts have been taken on the part of the Cyber Cell towards my plea. I am hoping that the new complaint at least might be met with more of a consideration.”

Apparently, the first complaint she lodged did little to help her as pretty much no action was taken by the police, for whatever reason. Ranjini says the comments which are too vulgar for her to state in person are numerous and attached to each of her pics on FB.

Why Ranjini in particular is being targeted in such fashion by online mobs and lewd trollers, we cannot say for sure, but the star is known for her forward thinking, opinionated public statements, ‘modern’ dressing and general strong willed attitude.

Maybe the weak willed and cowardly among us cannot stand to see a beautiful and intelligent woman just ‘being’ herself openly without being subjected to some form of misogyny and pseudo cultural and hypocritical attacks.

One hopes that at least this trend of anonymous ‘gangs’ showing their true colours without the risk of shouldering responsibility, from behind the digital waves in the vast cyber space, stops before it’s too late…

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